The Matchbook-Step 2: The Studies

The second step for this project was to create 25-50 different ways of viewing the matchbook, taking a deeper look at functionality within society. I created several different visual studies as well as a view conceptual ideas.


My first set of studies was examining the matchbook in a purely artistic context to get myself away from my general conceptions of the matchbook.
(From Top Left)
1. A book design where flipping pages would be flippig through different matches.
2. Two faces where the matches make up he inner faces’ teeth.
3. A record player matchbook where one makes up the needle
4. The matches in the book of this design look like fingers making up a peace sign.
5. The matches flip outwards to create a kitana or fan.
6. A briefcase that when opened, displays matches along bothsides of the case.
7. The matches of this design are made to look like the guitar’s strings.
8. The matches are lined up on the bottom of the book to create the idea of metal snares on the underside of a snare drum.


I did three rough designs in illustrator.
9. A matchbook where the matches are pushed by a lever on the bottom.
10. The matches sprring up when the book is opened.
11. This design continues with my idea of the snare drum.

Conceptual Studies
These ideas have come from my observations in technology and functionality in a modern age. The matchbook is somewhat primitive design and the following are ways I thought of to place this object into a contemporary context.

12. A matchbook that would play music when matches are struck against the striking strip. Each song woud be different depending on the match.
13. instead of releasing fire, the friction of the match to the strike strip would release a water jet into the air.
14. Larger scale matchbooks that held objects other than matches. For example, a pencil book, or a drumstick book.
15. Matches to change channels- Each match was encoded with information of a favorite television channel. The action of striking would change the channel that corresponded to the match data.
16. Matches as flashlights- Eachmatch top with have an LED light on its tip. These would be made larger scale for the user to take with them on camping trips, nature hikes etc…
17. Matches as drawing tools- Each match would have a touch sensor that would only write on the srking strip, so that users could draw digitally with it.
18. Matchbook karaoke- This is an abstract idea to put microphones into the case and the outside cover of the book would be an LCD screen where the text for the song would read and the striking strip would be a digital scrolling text screen that displayed the notes you were singing.
19. The Giant Matchbook- A large archictectural piece where the matchbook creates a playscape that can be explored.
20. The match patch- An attachable book that could be strapped onto an arm or leg with a sticky sided striking pad that could be placed on the arm or body for quick and easy lighting ability.
21. The match bottle- A small bottle which would contain strike anywhere matches that could fit into a pocket an other small places.
22. Match packet- If someone needed only a few matches instead of the whole bookto fit perhaps behind your ear similar to a toothpick pack however it would be the package itself that was made of material that could ignite the match.
23. The match lamp- A long match that would have a light bulb at the tip an then the lampshade would be a matchbook.
24. Re-Usable Matchbook- The head of the matches could be relit or re coated and the body of the match would be flame retardant.
25. MatchFolder- A Matchbook which had a divider for different match types such as strike anywhere, long matches short matches, cardboard, wood etc..


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One Response to “The Matchbook-Step 2: The Studies”

  1. i was really curious to see what you’ve done with this project so far since you haven’t gotten a chance to present yet. your visual study is really good. i like all your ideas for improving upon the design and function of the matchbook and really like your first section of studies where you sketched out different ways a matchstick can be used for something other than lighting fires. it’s really creative. if i was doing this object, i’d totally be stuck after idea #5. good job!

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