Studies: A Second Try

So this time around, I am going to focus in on the object itself and the properties it has rather than put it into a different context entirely. This will help familiarize me with the object on a more sensory level.

-First i did a written analysis of the matchboook.

1. The match lasted for approximately 35 seconds until there is nothing left
2. There are 20 matches in the actual book itself.
3. The matches are held in place by a single staple.
4. The top of the matchbook has about a half inch space to hold the matches in.
5. The Matchbook reads “Thank You, come back again” on the front side and “Freedom lights the way” on the back.
6. There are directions on the bottom of the front cover of the book which read “Close cover, Strike gently.”
7. The matchbook was made by D.D Bean and Sons of Jaffrey New Hampshire as stated on the bottom of the book.
8. When thrown at a plaster wall, the matchbook does not bounce, but rather it falls straight down to the floor.
9. When put into water, the matchbook floats.
10. When the match is wet, it will not light when struck against the striking strip.
11. The texture of the cover of t he matchbook is glossy while the inside is thicker and more rough.

12. The Steps towards lighting a match
1. Tear match out of bindings.
2. Flip the matchbook over with matchin hand to reveal the striking strip
3. applying a little downward force, wuickly drag the match along the striking strip.
4. If the match does not ignite, repeat steps 1-4.

-Now for the photo studies


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