My Union Square Observations

Right now, we are working on a public space project, and creating instruction sets for strangers in a public space. The first step of this process was for us to individually go out and find a public space that is unique and interesting, and to look for certain patterns, or repeating occurrences within that space. The space i chose was a small circular space that came out of a walkway in union square. In this space was also a water fountain. The next hour and change was spent observing people’s acts in this space.

At first, the use of this space seemed fairly obvious: People would come into it and observe the dogs in the dog park located right next to it.


Or, they were stopping in for a quick drink and then proceeded on their way.


I quickly realized in observing more and more people that the fountain had multiple uses, some of which included:

1. A place to fill up Plastic bags with water


2. An ash tray and a table


3. A sniffing place for dogs that are attracted to water fountains. What I found interesting about this instance is that the woman would not have gone into the space if she was without the dog, but t he dog brought her there.


I did find a trend within this space that puzzled me. There are people who went into the space and just paced back and forth until they were ready to move on. The walkways were not busy at all at this time of day and yet people still went into this circle, not looking at dogs or drinking water, but just to be in it. I wondered what reasons drew these people to this space when they could have easily stopped along the walkway and rested? I believe in the future projects of this assignment I will be able to break down why actions like this one occur with more observations and research.




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