3 Examples of New Media Triangulation

1. Silo #5, 2001-Present
-Created by users Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madab, project managed by Virginie Pringuet

silophone.jpgPhoto from createdigitalmusic.com

This installation takes place in an old run down grain storage facility in Montreal. Various different sound are collected via internet and telephone, whether it be noises of technologies or of actual musical performances and then broadcasted throughout the whole factory. What makes the audio so special within this area are the beatiful echos, reverberations and acoustics that the space has and each sound reacts differently as it bounces in and out of the various chambers. If I am ever up in Montreal, this is an installation I definitely want to check out.

In this example, the triangulation that is occurring in this project is between the people within the factory who are listening to the sound and the sounds themselves.

  • createdigitalmusic.com

  • silophone.net

  • 2. Amodal Suspension, 2003
    – Created by Raphael Lozano–Hemmer and his team

    brightlight.gifPhoto from firstmonday.org

    oconnell.jpgPhoto from alzado.net

    This project was also very interesting to me. It involved the placement of twenty robotically controlled searchlights around the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in Japan. The lights would divide and seperate the blackness of the sky based on the coordinates that were plugged in through a website or a text message. The messages were then translated into blinking patterns. The end result were these beautiful light shows that stretched across the sky.

    The triangulation that is occurring here is between the spectators of this light show and the the giant spotlights and the positions and patterns that they create. There is also a digital triangulation between the user who sends the messageson the internet and the observer through the light patterns. The observer is seeing the speech that the user is generating and communicating with one another through the interface.

  • firstmonday.org

  • 3. D-Tower, completed in 2004
    -Created by Lars Spuybroek and Q.S Serafijn

    purpled.jpgImage from wikipedia.org

    red.gifPhoto from firstmonday.org

    This piece is still up in the city of Doetinchem in the Netherlands. It is a 36-foot tall sculptural piece which changes colors everyday according to an online questionnaire that residents of Doetinchem answer. The questions asked are based on four specific emotions; happiness(green), love(red), fear(blue) and hate(yellow). The emotion with the most answers on the test will light up for 24 hours. Everyday the site is updated and the emotion of the day is refreshed.

    This iexample also shows this digital triangulation that is occuring here. The users who are filling out the questionnaires are commmunicating personal feelings to people who are passing by the installation through color. There is also the triangulation of the audience in looking at the structure.

  • firstmonday.org

  • The D-Tower Site

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