4 examples of triangulation within social networks: Part 1

The social network that I decided to explore and to join was okcupid.com. This site is primarily designed as a dating site where people from all over the country can create profiles of themselves as well as answer survey questions in an effort to find their ideal someone. The ages of cupid’s members is a wide range from people in their teens to middle aged adults and a few seniors.


The first example of a tool for triangulation on this site is the instant pen pal. By pressing this button, within a few seconds you can be connected to a person’s profile from across the country. The results for penpals is filtered through the amount of common interests you and the other person share within profiles, whether it is music, sports movies etc… This ability is a nice way to talk to other people who share similar taste as well as just having someone to talk to who might live hundreds of miles away.


Another interesting way to get in contact with others is through a brand new service for okcupid. This is called crazy blind date, which works as a service towards allowing those who live within a certain city to go out anonymously with each other. There are three choices of date that the users are allowed to choose, which include the basic blind date, a blind double date with another of your friends on okcupid or the most extreme risk, the random choice. This is where okcupid selects what type of date it will be. This is a fun and exciting way for people to meet one another and to really explore the various options that they have in finding a partner.


The reason why I have chosen this picture of some great guy for all those ladies out there is because today, the 10th of November, he has made it onto what is known as the okcupid hotlist. Everyday, the website is updated with a fresh list of ten users who are either new to okcupid or who have received the most hits to their profile. This function allows for men and women to check and see if they are maybe interested in a more heavily trafficked individual on the site.


Finally this icon along with a few others on the site stand for user generated surveys that are uploaded to the site which anyone is allowed to take. Sometimes, as we all may have experianced, survey questions are too generic, don’t apply to us, or the user simply isn’t interested. Cupid offers a alternative solution where website members can ask whatever random things they want to know about someone else. Each survey increases the compatibility percentages, which are broken down into three specific categories: Friends, relationships, or enemies.


~ by pchief8675 on 11/11/2007.

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