Researching and Realizing: Part 2

I read a few articles online about the power that the social network has over the many millions of people around the world. I had always known about the entertainment value of such sites as you tube and myspace, but i hadn’t realized the severity of social network addictions that is taking place today.

The first article I read was “Myspace voted to be most likely blocked at work” on the site The article talked about how many companies have been forced to block their employees from certain websites, in particular, the social power houses facebook and myspace. It was voted that more companies were likely to block myspace than facebook. Today it is estimated that 43.9% of companies have blocked access to myspace which is a quite stagerring number when you think about it. I had never realized the ability for myspace and facebook to hold an employees interest long enough to effect their work days. When you think of online games for example, you think of the hours of investment that people may play because of the interface and its extensive nature or just basically the challenges that the game imposes on the player. Can people seriously look at others for extended periods of time? And if so, does it really effec their business lives? I would have thought, by far that companies would be vlocking coffee break arcades or games on yahoo more than social networks because a game requires more time and thought. What this article lacks is proof of the employees’ lack of production. I know I would like to see some numbers that could back up the claims, as percentages of offices blocking facebook isnt enough proof.

Another article I read was on the same website which was a response to a Sumner Redstone talk he gave recently about the importance of copyright. Sumner and his companies which include Viacom are suing You Tube for copyright infringements with total over 1 billion dollars. There are a few issues within this article which are extremely interesting to note. The first is that social networks seem to be having more leverage over television clips with sites like youtube than the networks themselves. The networks aren’t resricting enough access of their shows and therefore the users who are uploading the shows are taking advantage of it. Social networks are beginning to shape how we are watch television and the networks are becoming a little rattled. Redstone says during his interview, “Think about it: You cannot pay the rent posting videos on YouTube. Most aspiring novelists do not aspire to self-publish. You cannot make it as a musician, you can’t make it as a filmmaker or a writer without … effective and enforced copyright legislation.” I wonder in reading this why is he so concerned about other people’s means of income, whether it be from posting youtube videos or not. Law and Order, a show on Viacoms arsenal makes 1 billion a year alone in re-runs. I think thart social networks are becoming the dominant form of media and television industry is getting scared.

The last article I read was off of and was called “Exclusive First Look At SocialSpark, Formerly PayPerPost, A “Social Network” For Advertisers & Publishers.” The article went into several features that the site would have a purely business feel and would serve as a place for advertisers to meet with other advertisers. The advertisers can compare prices and shop for other ideas and strategies to pursuing target markets. What I found most interesting about this article is the economy that is generated through the social network. People are doing business with one another through blogs and file sharing and communicating with one another in the network. The evolution of the social network is very expansive, and I was suprised to find that it has expanded into a way of conducting businesses not just socializing. As I read this article I thought of the other occupations that might benefit from being apart of a social network such as construction workers, carpenters and basically any field that is looking to interact and improve the ways in which business and execution are approached. The best way to improve is to learn from others who have had the experiance, and social networks are very beneficial in this way.


~ by pchief8675 on 11/11/2007.

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