My Initial Final Project Ideas

In all honesty, it is kind of tough to think of a social project not only important enough to me, the designer and investigator to explore, but also important enough to a wide audience of others in less than a week. These ideas are very basic and prove enough for me just to get on my way with this, so here goes.

In thinking about possible interests and questions, I turned to things that I feel need to be addressed as well as things that I am fascinated by and that spark my attention. The first and most important are for me to explore involves human emotion. There is so much complexity to our minds that there is an endless amount of exploration and depth that can be explored. The second idea that intrigues me is in sports. Activities which have shaped the social interactions of the world for thousands of years and which only keep growing in popularity. The third idea that I want to explore is the blog movement, and also how it has tied emotion and activity such as sports together. What sorts of interactions between users are occurring? Why are they essential elements towards each other and what is the importance of a fan blog to sports? Often times what we are reading are the yahoo articles or online newspaper stories of the teams that we love. How can the presence of the sports fan be further elaborated on within the social networks of blogs? Also, What is the more credible and factual source of information? The fan or the sports writer today.

other questions include:

1. What is the social significance of the sports world?

2. How do sports help shape the lives of the fans who watch them?

3. Is non-corporate sports blogging important/beneficial towards a user?

4. What are the benefits of a sports blog to the fan?

Another element of culture, which is clearly seen all around the world and abundant within urban atmospheres are the homeless people. They are an important part of the social framework because they reveal to us a realistic and upsetting side of society that people try to ignore. I know that I feel awful when I am in the presence of a homeless man or woman or family because I can only do so much for them, such as offer food or a little money. I do not have the capacity or ability to experience what they have experienced and what struggles they go through everyday. They need what many of us have had but never think about because it is so easy for us; social lives. An idea that I am fascinated by is somehow bringing social networks directly to the homeless themselves so that they may share their stories and experiences with the world. The question I would need to address is how to make this idea possible. They could talk to other homeless people, or people who shared similar stories in an effort to provide therapy and release. Venting through expression, whether it be writing or talking, is important to all human beings, and it is the initial step in attempting to help.

there are a few questions initially that would have to be addressed:

1. How to bring technology and software to the homeless?

2. Does blogging have the potential to help cope with everyday hardships for the homeless?

3. What are some earlier works of this idea that have been investigated and prototyped?

I have two links to my two venn diagrams




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