My Final Project: Thoughts Revisited

So after a long deliberation, I feel that the subject i am most passionate working with is the homeless and proceeded to investigate various aspects in Human Psychology and social networks at the NYU Library over the weekend. The goal was to generate at least twelve sources that would support my reasoning in pursuing a project geared towards the homeless community. I have chosen to construct a social network online in which homeless people may more freely speak and converse with society in an attempt to act as a theraputic solution towards several mental illnesses that effect the homeless mind, The most common one being depression. There are a lot of things i want to say which I will definitely be putting into my final paper, but for now, I’ll just leave the concept out there along with an updated venn diagram and my resources and brief descriptions of those sources.

I was very happy to see that when I made my second iteration of the venn diagram, the three issues I was interested in began to overlap more and more through the research I did. It was definitely very exciting for me and made the hours of research I put in very worthwhile. Listed below I have the three assignments for the early stages of the final project:





~ by pchief8675 on 11/20/2007.

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