Free Write-Chapter 1 of “Ten Faces of Innovation”

What from the audio listening was useful in your observations of a public space? 

What proved to me to be particularly beneficial in my observations was the idea of “vu-ja-de.”  The whole premise of seeing somethinf for the first time is a concept that I feel gets overlooked today.  With so many discoveries and innovations, it is often hard to find and distinguish what has been done before and what hasn’t.  What t he audio program taught me was to be more alert and attentive to t he actions that often go unoticed because they are so basic or uninteresting.  It is this information that ultimately proves to be the most important because it unlocks clues to a greater picture.I found it very interesting when Kelly talks to the European men who worked for the soft drink company.  In seeing a basic consumer action like looking at their watches and then glancing over to the soft drink machine, they were able to discover the reason why sales were so poor of their soda.  The passengers did not want to miss their train to buy a can of soda.  Uncovering this simple fact lead to as boom in sales for the company when the consumer trend was addressed, prototyped and resolved.  In looking at my own project, I had to take into consideration all of the subtleties of the people to get a better grasp of the situation.  Finally, the most important point that i felt the audio conveyed was that you have to be open-minded and stay away from judging situations.  This will distort your results and won’t be able to represent an accurate study.  When seeing what people were doing in my space, like using a fountain as a table top and putting the objects on it to hold food and drinks I had to remember to stay open-minded to what I was witnessing.



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