Free Write- Define and explain the uses of the three kinds of prototypes

The first type of prototype is the role prototype.  This is used to lay out the major ideas and concepts that the prototype contains.  This type is used just to present key point the second type is the look and feel prototype.  These are visual aids which can be presented in a storyboard format to show the different ways that the user interacts with the prototype.  For many audiences, this prototype  suffices to show how the product will function.  However, the other audiences want to see an actual, constructed object that can be physically used and interacted with.  This is what the implementation prototype does.  It is a tangible object that can be handled and explored.  The final prototype is the integrated example, where all of the previous methods are incorporated into an idea of the product.  This could be displayed in diagrams, a physical object, ideas and concepts and whatever else the designers are willing to incorporate to explain the purpose and functionality of the prototype. 



~ by pchief8675 on 12/10/2007.

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