MINI-THESIS- further Investigations

I have honed in on the topic I would like to address in my animation. Toxic toys in our country is a very important issue that has been addressed, but not as much as it should be. There is no telling how many toys in our own pasts before this recent recalling actually got circulated into our toy stores and into the mouths of little kids. For all we know, us adults could have taken in a lot of toxins including lead and mercury and could be paying the price for it now. Another interesting link I wish to address in my animation is the similarities that exist between autistic symptoms and those of lead poisoning. I scoured You-Tube once again for some early attempts at addressing toxic toys, many are comical, and a few are sparse newscasts that barely touch the issue. There definitely seems to be a need for improvement and sincerity with this issue.

This next interview recording is very interesting and might need further investigation. It could help me incorporate an older demographic into the picture of toys and the animation I create. Apparently, kids toys is not the extent of toxins in soft products imported from china. There are also the sex toys.


~ by pchief8675 on 04/11/2008.

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