Inspired by the YES MEN

A few days ago I watched the Yes Men documentary on my xbox.  I had class with Andy Bichlbaum last semester and I wanted to know what they are about, so i downloaded it and watched.  What I hadn’t expected was how much their approach towards global issues would impact this second stage of my project.  They disguise themselves as credible sources for large organizations, in this documentary it was posing as representatives of the World Trade Organization (WTA).  They would spend weeks developing professional presentations that looked and felt like actual ideas that the company had, but were clearly ridiculous, and the funny thing was that people were buying it!  I couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time realized how corrupt these large organizations were that the Yes Men were posing as.  Their outsourcing for labor other countries in particular was disgusting and the presentations in the video were educating me about their true practices and just how wrong their actions were.  This documentary got me more interested in the WTA, something I had known nothing about prior to seeing this.  I’m sure thousands of others felt inspired to learn more the same way I did after watching.  

I’m hoping to get into contact with him and discuss my project as well as the execution of his work.


~ by pchief8675 on 10/06/2008.

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