MY THESIS CONCEPT – A Brief Explanation

The progress of education and information is an ever-changing, experimental environment,  where with time, new technologies and ideas are applied in an attempt to better the learning environments of children and adults alike.  Whether it is books, games, or even product based advertisements, the same overlying question applies within each field:  What is the most effective means of conveying ideas to an audience for the sake of education?  What proves even more arduous, is the way of communicating important issues within a social framework as diverse as the one existent within the United States.  For example, there are many different audiences within our country.  There are the few which are compelled to read about the issues affecting the world around us in their morning papers and magazines.  Then there is the watching  population of our country, a rapidly growing audience eager for information while at the same time seeking entertainment that only television programming can offer.  According to a study taken from the Pew Research Center in 2006, 81% of American people interviewed had gotten their news in one day from either TV, newspaper, radio or online.  Of that 81%, 57% of people attained their daily information from television programming ( HYPERLINK “”  With the slow death of literacy comes the quick rise of motion-based educators.  We are a watch culture, whose audiences wish to be enlightened while being entertained with the knowledge that the majority of what we learn has and will be channelled into a camera-based visual.  There are those who feel however that our movements as a society towards such post-literate tendencies are a negative step and can only hinder our ability to educate and be educated.  What  I have seen and discovered through research are opportunities to further explore ideas of the past and implement them with the technologies of the future.  

My time at Parsons has excited a passion I have had for animation my whole life, but that I had not considered as an educative tool.  It  was rather just a means of my entertainment.  Children’s programming is full of animated sequences for learning but adult education through animation is a less explored domain, and one which I became very interested in.  Adult audiences encounter educational animation more than they may think.  Within the openings of their favorite television programs and in commercials between those programs.  When we go on-line and find short cartoons satirizing our political systems that we circulate through our emails to our friends.  My goal was to find an issue that threatens every ethnicity equally without bias that conjures similar reactions within its entire audience.  Many members of my family have had problems with obesity and dealing with the burdens of its implications.  After seeing my brother battle weight problems both emotionally and physically, I have realized just how important an issue it is, not just for me, but for the rest of our country.  I have done research on the growing problem of obesity in children and have found it offers enough information to create a campaign of animations. My animations will utilize the catchy nature of an informative pop driven song as well as an animated piece to accompany its lyrics.  The goal of this project will be to cover as much educational information as possible while at the same time providing a fluent narrative visual that will generate a consistent viewer base.


~ by pchief8675 on 10/06/2008.

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