PROTOTYPE-1 – Feedback and Review

I had my first major critique of the project two weeks ago which conjured some interesting responses to the project, there are several issues I will need to work out upon further iteration of this project.  Some of the feedback I received included:

– The information presented was too fast to absorb

-There was too much information conveyed, maybe focus on a few issues 

-Maybe directly address adults in animation

-Minute long PSAs are too long.  Make them shorter, more specific, and more of them

-Too much movement on the screen

-Consider formats- Where do I want my work shown?

-There are disconnected elements in the animation, there is little flow of the piece

-Redo the song or experiment with a new song, just to change it up a little

-This is a PSA to the T – be more creative, because there is something ignorable about this

– This view is picturesque of the country, where is the problem really?

as you can see, my project got ripped, which is actually fine because I have realized I need to get more creative with this.

I have taken several screenshots ofthe comments I received from several people about the facebook event that I created to watch the animation.  Many of  them I knew, but there were also a few that i didnt that were able to respond and give me feedback which was really helpful.  With this project, i am going to try and reach out to an audience I don’t know but who is interested in the approaches I am taking.


~ by pchief8675 on 10/06/2008.

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