Prototype-2: A Different Approach

I have decided to try something different for this experiment, which is the complete opposite approach to how I was addressing the  issue before.  After all of the feedback I received, several great questions and issues came up.  One of the most important take aways from the criticism was that I should be doing something new and innovative, something that people haven’t seen before or have seen little of.  This whole time one of my precedents has been editorial cartoons for its style, but not for the way that information is cleverly conveyed and problems are addressed.  Editorial cartoon and Illustration is extremely successful in bringing up social problems and issues of a time while allowing for the viewer to think outside of the frame on the page.  By nature, people enjoy having to think outside of the box, it is what leads to individuality and personal opinion.  The more i explore this issue, the more I am discovering that popularity of work goes hand in hand with approach of delivering valuable information.

Over the weekend, I went onto You-Tube and looked up what is popular and unpopular in regards to popularity of PSAs.  I was suprised to find that the number of people watching the standard PSA, which is short bursts of information told through a television, movie or sports personality, barely had any views.  Even with all the money dumped into getting famous people and high quality camera equipment, the true goals of attracting attention to the issues was failing.  On a social network of millions of people, these PSA’s were NOT working.  I thought that even if these were on television, the people watching are still the same, so I’m sure the attention they received remains poor.

Then I stumbled upon an unusual message done in the early 90s which addressed the problems of copyright laws.  The target audience was children, however I appreciated the creativity in the execution and message as an adult, and apparently so had thousands of others.  It too incorporated music, and was several minutes long.  It was funny to watch but the serious issue within the message remained.

I asked myself, why were people watching this video:

-It’s funny.

-It’s music driven.

-It’s nostalgic.

-It’s creative.

-It makes you think outside of what’s clearly stated.

-Even if it is not being watched for its informative quality, the content is still there and therefore the copyright messages remain.  As people watch, they are still getting informed.  I found myself singing “don;t copy that floppy after I watched it.

The same idea applies in this “Treat Your Mother Right” video, which has over 2 million views.


~ by pchief8675 on 10/06/2008.

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