PROTOTYPE-2: The Concept

What I am developing for this next iteration utilizes the ideas of an underlying message within animation and media.  It will not be as direct as my first prototype because after doing research, i found that this is not where the viewer audiences are for this kind of work.  What is created must be innovative and entertaining, and there are ways of executing and informative and educative multimedia piece without being so direct and blunt about it.  

I began thinking of this project as its own “television network”  where an audience could come together and watch several different channels about children’s obesity.  I created a couple of network logos just to inspire me to think in the sense of television programming.

The next step for me was to  think of a program that could work in addressing the issue of videogaming and the effect it had on the well being of a child’s physically active life.  What I have come up with is possibly a series of short segments called “Avatar Fitness”.  “Avatar Fitness” is a series live action exercise videos teaching children how to get and keep their video game characters in shape.  Like the first prototype, I would be composing the dance music for the program which would be a comical step by step sequence of exercises.  The program would take a child like approach featuring content made for adults.  My syndication source would be social networks like You-Tube and where I could monitor the comments as well as the hits on the video.

Here I have some character concepts for the instructor of the video as well as some initial storyboards:

What will prove very important in the delivary and execution of this prototype will be to carefully examine the elements which go into an exercise video, such as motion graphics, charts, tables, character mannerisms, lighting, camera angles etc… here are some screen shots I have taken from one of the programs I have been watching featuring Tony Little:

I have found my main character to play the role in a friend of mine named Dan Testa.  Dan battled weight issues his whole life and is enthusiastic about the project.  He was a theatre major in his undergraduate studies at Wagner College and has worked most recently on a children’s theatre production of “The Wizard of Oz” and has the energy a fitness character exudes during the workout.

The next steps for me in the coming week will be:

-To finish the script.

-Be my own director of photography and establish the shots i want to get in basic storyboards.

-Finish the music and work on motion graphic elements for the show opening, as well as other animated elements.

-Begin filming first exercise on Sony Handycam on Thursday of this week.


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