PROTOTYPE-2 – The importance of Melies

I have also been thinking about other precedents during in the fields of editing and effects and have recently thought of the importance of George Melies to my work.  Being a student, the production value of my work is limited to what i know now about the software and effects i am using as well as the equipment I have chosen to execute this project.  As I looked at the effects used in films such as “A Trip to the Moon,”

“The Impossible Voyage” and “The Mermaid,”  I see how Melies utilized the limitations of the technology and produced beautiful timeless imagery within his film.  The elements were unified in their design and carefully constructed so that every effect and illusion through the camera fit within the framework of his story.  I know that melies carefully considered his audience when editing and putting in his effects.

As I began to make my own effects and animations, I unified the look and feel of the live action footage, which was shot on a Sony DVR recorder.  I looked at various children’s programming from the late and early 90’s to establish a nostalgic type look and feel for my adult audience.  

This past week has been about getting organized and making sure I have all the elements I will need to put together a working prototype to be reviewed next week at midterms.  This past Thursday I got all of the live action footage I needed done, and am now in the continuing process of editing down the footage and laying out the animated elements to go on top of the live footage. 


~ by pchief8675 on 10/13/2008.

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