Last Tuesday I had my midterm review of the development of my project. Overall the presentation went well, and the guest critics left me with some important comments about where I am going with my project. Some of the most important points included:

– The tone of the “Avatar Fitness” piece is very comedic and it is important to the success of this project to find a way to integrate a comedic stance with factual information to educate the audience on the problems surrounding children’s obesity. Overall, I feel that the aproach to create a website where people can go to access information in a more immersible web presence is a good idea. The realm of health based websites is very static as well as generic. People, specifically adults should be able to come to the site and be excited to learn in this environment.

– I need to better understand my target audience. This website should be geared ffor those adults interested in learning about children’s obesity but also in new ways of learning about the problems. i should begin to consider the interface designs of the elements on the website. I should begin to generate ideas for interfaces which would allow for a more creative means of conveying information. As was brought up in the review, reading text should be the absolute LAST way of trying to execute the goals of my project. Perhaps it is time to integrate the use of flash in the execution of my website. I will need to examine my precedents thoroughly in flash interaction.

– Branding is essential to my project. I should begin to come up with logo designs and package designs for my videos. This would include work on the animated bug as well as promotional practices such as advertising on the internet and viral marketing. It was brought up in the review that I was missing a fundamental iterative process in my designs. They should also be user tested.

– User testing is possibly the most important step I am at now. I will need to solidify a test group as well as contacts with whom I can go over my project and constantly test and challenge its execution. I will need to release my video onto you-tube but there is a hesitancy in doing so. I must learn how to properly generate a large audience for my work, which will require steps in establishing “internet fame.” I will need to consult some sources about the best way of doing this. Until that release point within the next week, I will be trying to find sources online.

– I will need to talk to others within the department who are experimenting with the ideas of entertainment and education. Discussion with Colleen Macklin as well as Katie Salen will be very useful and perhaps learn from their experiances and research.

– I must make sure that when I am presenting, I convey the sincerity of my stance on this issue. One of my critics didn’t feel I really wanted to do a project on children’s obesity because of the tone of my presentation, this is not the case at all. I have to remember to be looser with my approach in talking about this issue, and more important relate it personally to myself and how it has effected my own life. this will be conveyed in further presentations.


~ by pchief8675 on 10/27/2008.

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