Prototype 3 – Thoughts On Where I Have Been

After thinking long and hard about the “Avatar Fitness” project and the first animation I created, I have been thinking about a way to incorporate each of these projects’ successes into yet another iteration.  I have collected the feedback I have received about both prototypes and have come to the following conclusions about them: 

– The music I have created in regards to both projects is the driving force.  I have learned that they are catchy and that their content is retained in the minds of those who listen and watch to my work. 

–  The comedic aspect to my project is essential.  It it what I find myself having the  most fun with, and allows me to keep moving this project further.  the Comedy within the pieces, in particularly “Avatar Fitness” is successful, and is generating an audience.  The You-Tube channel where I have posted the projects now has subscribers.  

–  The combination of live action  and animated elements has established the look and feel I am looking to achieve.  Since the project is attempting to utilize nostalgia as a popular educative adult tool,  the 80s aesthetic that I am working towards in “Avatar Fitness” is beginning to come into its own.

–  The incorporation of facts regarding children’s Obesity and means of preventing it need to be more apparent within the construction of my work.  I am attempting to discover a balance between what is funny and entertaining and what is informative and educational.

These thoughts bring me to my next experiment…


~ by pchief8675 on 11/10/2008.

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