Prototype 3 – Thoughts On Where I Have Come

My latest idea in pursuing my concept is something I am very excited about.  In my love for music, I have found a passion for creating hip-hop tracks, and have realized that through rap there is the ability to say a lot within a short period of time.  Rap has also been the outlet for attacking social and political issues.  From NWA to Rage Against the Machine, the attack within rap and hip hop culture has withstood the test of time and now I hope to use this method in my own work.

I wanted to create a spin-off of a popular rap group from either the 80s or early nineties, so I could still utilize the look and feel of eighties animation and live video.  I decided to go with the “Beastie Boys” and create a rap duo who would deal with the issue of children’s obesity.  I have come up with the tag team tandem called “The Feasty Boyz”


The next step in creating these characters was to find out who would play these two rap stars.  In searching the internet for ideas, I found two puppets and envision them as the main characters.  Though they individually do not have names, together they would address the social problems equated with being overweight.


The puppets themselves will be customized to create the characters I envisioned for the music video.  I will reference various hip hop artists and what they wore, including artists like Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Public Enemy.

Here is a link to the rough cut of the track I have created.  The name of the song is “Go Out To Play.” 

This weekend I will be shooting live footage around Washington Heights for use in the music video.



~ by pchief8675 on 11/10/2008.

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