Relfecting on the Final Review

My thesis concept to date is to create an animated series of multi-media videos for adults that address the problems surrounding children’s obesity in the United States and the possible means of its prevention.  Continuing on with this project I hope to complete a website in which users not only view video content but also learn about the issues of obesity in innovative new ways.

In the beginning of this semester, I was extremely hesitant about the entire thesis process.  I was intimidated by the workload and all of the research that needed to occur within my domains.  As I began to focus on individual prototypes and assignments  I gradually became more confident with where i was and what i was doing.   Over the course of the term, I was able to refine a very general thesis concept and reach a place where I am aware of exactly what needs to get done and how to reach an end goal for the spring.  With three rough prototypes to refine as well as a website in the works, this project feels on the right path.  The writing side of this project has allowed me to express my ideas to others not only in written form but also improve my public speaking skills of the material this project deals with.  If anything else, the writing process has taught me to be clear about my ideas and goals not only for myself but also so that others may more easily evaluate my content.

Overall I felt the final presentation for this semester went well and generated very valuable feedback about my project.  One suggestion made to me was that I might want to become more specific with my overall package of children’s obesity.  For example, different animations could deal with different issues about obesity or that the various pages of my site could cater to a different generations whether they be eighties or nineties themed.  Another suggestion was that no matter how different my approach towards the issue will be from existing sites already on the Internet, my own project should still be filled with practical information.  This would help the audience clearly understand my point of view, the crisis at hand and how they can make a difference.  The major hill that this project has to climb is in the creation of nostalgic content that does not feel like it is geared for children.  Each of my iterations so far has received this same criticism.  In moving forward I will need to do more research on how child like aesthetics are used in adult content.  The second issue that continually comes up is in regards to my target audience.  In the final review, I was told that perhaps a target from 18 to 30 years old was too large and needed further consideration. This feedback will be a good foundation in pushing towards the next phases of my project.

Looking ahead to the winter months and on into the spring, several next steps will need to occur.  First of all,  user-testing this most recent prototype and comparing past prototypes with this one needs to occur.  With three prototypes I can now assess what is and isn’t working within my designs.  I will need to begin to code and format the website and push the branding and packaging of this project.  This will be an important part in distributing this idea within the field of healthcare.  Finally,  I will need to promote this project as much as possible and create a genuine buzz about this idea, maybe trying to get other animators involved in generating content.  Now that this first semester is over, the hardest work will begin.


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  1. I am amazed with it. It is a good thing for my research. Thanks

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