Wow, its been a long time since i have posted anything, but I feel the time is right.  In an attempt to re-visit and re-create the first protoype I did for my thesis, I have written a new song and come up with an entirely new idea which I hope will prove successful.  I have decided to do a sing- a – long animation inspired by both School House Rock as well as 3D rendered videos of going inside the human body.  I spent the past weekend creating as many of the illustrated elements as  possible for this.  My goal is to have three solid PSA prototypes to display at the end of the semester.



I am looking at two possible treatments for the coloring of the elements I have created.  The first is A watercolor washed look with more detail such as  the example below:


The second idea was use very flat color.  The reason for this approach is that since all of the drawings will be vectorized, solid colors could be used in illustrator and create continuously rasterized scalable objects.



~ by pchief8675 on 02/13/2009.


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